Group Exercise
Small group training is a cost effective way of benefiting from the quality of personal training. Our group exercise classes are small and personal - they bring you together with people who have similar fitness goals as yours and will give an added social dimension and fun to your training. All our classes are available to non-members also. You pay £4 each time you attend.
A whole body work out that improves muscle tone and flexibility. Water exercise is great for people who can’t do the gym including pregnant women and those with arthritis or osteoporosis as the water density gives you the support you need with water equipment used to give you that extra resistance.
Beginner // low impact // easy to follow
3 minute rounds of combination jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts with gloves pads. Blended in are circuit exercises and some strong weighted and body weighted cardio.
Intermediate to advanced // Upper body and all over body
A full body workout that includes a mixture of free weight, body weight and cardio exercises.
A challenging class that caters for all fitness levels.
Circuit Training
A great fast pace session that targets all areas of the body
Beginner to intermediate // easy to follow
Legs, Bums and Tums
A top calorie burner so great if you want to lose weight and it also targets those tricky areas. Good for your general fitness and raising stamina using aerobic exercise, this class also uses free weights and body weights to get results.
Beginner to intermediate // lower body
Metafit is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.  The class uses bodyweight exercises to target your largest muscle groups.  It's not a dance class so don't worry if you don't have any co-ordination but be ready to have your body pushed to the limit.  It'll be worth it though, your body keeps burning calories long after the session finishes.  As they say, it's the workout that keeps working.
Advanced' // High Impact // Total body
Insanity is a challenging cardio based total body programme without any equipment.  Like Metafit, Insanity uses your own body weight for resistance but is based on Max Interval Training and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.
Advanced' // High Impact // Total body
Invigorate your mind and body while helping to flatten your stomach, ease back pain, increase flexibility and improve your posture without placing too much impact on your body.
Beginner // low impact
Move your body to a salsa dance aerobic class with a mixture of high and low moves which will shape you up the salsa way.
Beginner to intermediate
A conditioning class using bars, hand weights and steps- lunges, squats and press ups etc.  This is a whole body workout that focuses on arms, legs, shoulders, glutes, and core.
This class is suitable for both male and female.
Combining high energy and motivating music, Zumba brings together unique combinations of moves. The routines feature aerobic and fitness interval training with a fast and slow rhythm that tone and sculpt the body.
Intermediate to Advanced
Group ExerciseGroup ExerciseGroup Exercise
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