Rebuild Regenerate Revitalise your body naturally at a remarkable speed​

Cryotherapy is three minutes to better wellness. Sub-zero temperatures kick-start your body’s natural healing processes.

After a vigorous workout, muscles are loosened and joint flexibility is increased following a full-body cryotherapy session.

A well-known benefit is cryotherapy’s ability to relax overworked muscles and reduce pain. The cold temperature helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the muscles, which can cause pain and soreness.

Analgesic endorphins are triggered by the sub-zero temperature, closing pain signals to the brain, providing relief from symptoms and enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

Cryotherapy can also help reduce swelling and inflammation in the body as the cold temperature constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the affected area, in turn reducing inflammation.

It is effective in a number of ways in managing pain for injuries such as runner’s knee, arthritic pain, back pain and tendonitis.

Cryotherapy can not only manage pain but also reduce swelling and increase oxygen and blood flow, stimulating the healing process.

When your body is exposed to ultra-cold temperatures, hormonal responses including a jump in endorphins are triggered; helping the mind and body to relax and rest, improving mood and energy levels, reducing stress and promoting better sleep.

The increase in blood circulation helps rid the body of toxins, positively impacting the immune system, helping the body fight off infections and illnesses more effectively.

Cryotherapy is a powerful treatment, promoting a lot of benefits to general health and wellness.

The Benefits

Cryotherapy is one of the best rapid & natural treatments. Helps you recover your body incredibly faster from injuries by exposing your body to significantly reduced temperatures for a short time.  

For Everyone...

Fitness Enthusiasts

If you're passionate about bodybuilding, running, or yoga, and you're to relieve or lose tension in muscles or improve sleep quality, add cryotherapy to your treatment list.

Athletes​ & Competitors

If you're a footballer, rugby player, basketball player or professional athlete, this might help you recover 5x faster than normal recovery.

Active Workers

If you're a working professional such as a doctor, executive, bricklayer, or teacher it will help you optimize recovery and maintain your energy levels.

Health Enthusiasts

If you're seeking holistic health, wellness, and exploring innovative treatments, use cryotherapy to enhance your well-being.

Skin care Enthusiasts

If you're looking for natural solutions to promote healthier skin, reduce signs of ageing, and improve complexion, this is for you.

Pain & Anxiety Suffers

If you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or chronic pain, use cryotherapy to alleviate them to promote relaxation.

What happens
at a cryo session?

A single session is 15 minutes long to give you time to get changed, and the sauna will last 3 minutes.

On arrival, you will be shown to our specially fitted Cryo room to get changed to your underwear – we will provide gloves, shoes and a gown to make you more comfortable.

Once ready, you will enter our state-of-the-art sauna, which will cover your body from the neck down. Once inside, you can pass your robe out of the top of the sauna.

Our spa therapists will start to reduce the temperature to – 130 degrees using cool, gasiform air that bursts into the sauna at regular intervals.

The therapist will watch over the session at all times to ensure you are comfortable with the cold and can adjust the temperature if need be.

After 3 minutes you’ll be done, and you leave the sauna the same way you went in, except now completely revitalised!

One person session


Two person sessions


3-4 person session


5-10 person session


5 sessions


10 Sessions


Chilled (I session per week)


Frozen (2 sessions per week)



Cryotherapy literally means ‘cold therapy’. Inside the chamber the body is surrounded by a -140 ºC liquid nitrogen mist for up to 3 minutes. It is a non-invasive treatment designed to speed up recovery and improve overall wellbeing.

You are in the machine for up to 3 minutes. A trained therapist will be with you at all times and should you wish to end your session before 3 minutes, the door can be opened at any time.

You should allow 30 minutes for a session.  
Dry socks, slippers (provided), gloves (provided) and your underwear (no underwires).  Piercing & jewellery from the neck down must be removed.  Your body should be dry and free from oils, lotions or fragrances.
Either! Before exercise will heighten your performance, giving more stamina & less pain, boosting your metabolic rate and activating adrenaline.  After exercise, cryotherapy will speed muscle healing, reduce inflammation and pain.  
Professional athletes are known to use whole body cryotherapy daily and whilst you will benefit from a single session, a regular routine will bring you the maximum benefit and induce cumulative effects.  Eight sessions in the first two weeks are recommended with an ongoing programme of two or three times a week.
Yes, your entire head remains above the cryosauna, the door is not locked and a trained therapist will be with you at all times.
Our Cryosauna has multiple safety features and a session can be ended by our trained therapist at your request.  For additional safety, socks, gloves, undergarments and slippers are worn and your head remains above the rim of the sauna allowing our therapist to keep constant communication with you. 
If you suffer from any of these conditions, we advise you to consult your GP before booking a session.
Cardiovascular / Neurological / Respiratory / Cerebral / Psychological / Disorders or Diseases / Infections / Immunological / Cold Intolerance / Endocrine

See a more detailed list of contraindications (shared as google doc, needs redesigning / branding as a .pdf)

Click Here To Download The PDF: Cryo Contraindications

We recommend clients be at least 18 years old. If you are 16 – 17, we would require parental consent.