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We have members who come to us for many reasons; to keep active, socialise, relax or to feel good about themselves.

Whatever your reason we have the facilities to help you achieve your goals. All areas are fully air conditioned and equipped with the very latest music and entertainment systems.

Our memberships come with NO CONTRACT AND NO JOINING FEE. You get 2 months free if you pay annually or 1 month free if you pay for six months.

Whether you want the freedom and flexibility to visit anytime and use all of the facilities or you just want to swim at the weekend we’ve got a membership to suit you.

Regular cardiovascular exercise benefits our lifestyle greatly through reducing levels of stress, burning calories and strengthening hearts. We’ll help you to get the most out of our facilities, whether you’re exercising for pleasure or training for a marathon.

Cardiovascular Gym & Free Weights Room

Pace your workout without putting stress on your joints.

Spin Bikes & Cycles
Great for burning fat whilst the bikes take the stress off your joints.

Work your thighs and buttocks as you shape and tone as you go.

Cross Trainers
A low impact workout that tones your upper and lower body.

Arc Trainers
High end training for strength, power, endurance, cardio and weight loss.

Give your body a low impact workout that burns lots of calories to improve the waistline and benefit your heart & lungs.

Power Plate
Transfer vibrations to muscles around your body to help them strengthen and tone. There are endless workouts whether you want to look better, feel better or play better. It can even help you to perfect your golf swing and help you to prepare for the slopes and get ski-fit.

Free Weights
Using free weights as part of your exercise programme means your workout becomes more effective and if you’re new to free weights, one of our team will show you the ropes. Our dedicated free weights room is fully equipped with benches, smith machines, chest & shoulder machines and free weights.

20m Swimming Pool

Our pool lies at the heart of our club whether you want to have a post-workout swim or take a relaxing dip. The in pool water jets will gently tone your muscles and massage away the days stresses. Lanes are never closed for swimming lessons and there are no under-16s so your swim will never be interrupted.

Relax and unwind

Spa Pool
Whilst our hydro pool is great for relaxation it can also improve blood circulation, relax your muscles and reduce stress

Burn calories and relax at the same time. The dry heat in our sauna will get your heart racing like you’ve had a workout, flush out toxins and soothe and relax tired muscles. Female only, male only and communal – whatever your preference we’ve got a sauna for you

Steam Room
Cleanse your body and relieve the stresses of the day away. The wet heat of the steam room will hydrate your skin, soothe aching muscles and improve sinus and congestion problems

Detox Box
This infrared dry sauna will remove toxins, help with weight management, improve your skin tone and energise your body. And, a best kept secret… it’s a great hangover cure!

Bring your friends or make new ones in one of our exercise classes.

Whether you want to tone and sculpt or get your heart racing our studio classes are good for your body and your brain. Surrounded with sound our studio has a sprung maple floor to support your body while our instructors keep you motivated to achieve.

Classes are also open to non-members on a pay as you go basis.

Tailored support to help you stay motivated.

If you’d like to look around the facilities, we’d be happy to show you and our team will chat with you about what you are looking to achieve.

Give us a call on 01744 454494 today.

If you prefer to just come along and train without support or motivation then you can do just that. However, our fitness instructors will always be on hand to guide, motivate or instruct you if necessary.

They can design a personal fitness programme especially for you and they’ll be on hand to work with you throughout – providing one to one support and motivation, monitoring your progress and making sure you’re focusing on the things that are important to you.

Your programme will evolve throughout your membership – once you’ve achieved your first goal, we’ll help you to set new goals and develop a new programme.

If you are looking for that extra confidence and motivation then we have personal trainers who are qualified to the REPs 3 standard of excellence. They can devise a personal healthy eating plan and customised workouts that will safely push you to achieve your fitness goals. They’re always on hand to tailor your exercise and fitness programme and you’ll have access to all the facilities (cardio, strength and studio). Sessions are competitively priced at just £15 per hour.

Exercise Outdoors

We are surrounded by 30 acres of landscaped sportsground which gives you the opportunity to add another dimension to your membership. After the warmth and cosiness of our indoor facility, outdoor fitness offers you a gentle breeze and birdsong whilst you train.